African Communications Resources Ltd is a private international infrastructure project developer founded in 2006, and headquartered in Mauritius with operations offices in Lagos and Nairobi.

ACR is a founder member of the FairFund Federation, and sponsors commercial projects for private investment in sub-Sahara Africa.

Investments are considered only when private, without tendering or public funding or involvement, and which will enhance economic stability and growth.

All investments must be commercially-viable, with initial funding for Five Years, and strictly neutral without alignment to any government, institution, political, religious or ethnic grouping.

Field of Operations

ACR focuses on Energy – Natural Gas and Crude Oil :

• Extraction

• Refining

• Transport

• Storage

• Trading

The target countries of operations are Nigeria and South Sudan.

Project Sponsors

As Project Sponsor, ACR develops the selected Project Business Plan & Budget the Equity Investors and Debt Facilities to provide 100% funding.

ACR acts as the Program Manager in selecting design & specification consultants, turnkey contractors, and operations management until completion at the end of the 5 year term.

ACR is responsible for the phased capital repayments, or additional loan extensions.

Head Office:

African Communications Resources Ltd
501 St James Court – St Denis Street,
Port Louis,

Funding Partners


Rue de Lausanne 36
1201 Genève

Stakeholder Protection

ACR commits to protecting its investments as well as stakeholder interests:

• FairFund ethos, mission & objectives

• Business Plan approvals

• Federal & State approvals

• Turnkey contracts only

• Corporate Governance adherence

• Approved Exit Strategy

Turnkey Contractor

ACR is primarily an investment company, so project execution is always handled by means of turnkey contractor(s) depending on the circumstances. A Turnkey Contractor Project Manager and / or team is always appointed for the duration of the contract, but ACR and FairFund audit team are in place to ensure correct disbursements, quality, scheduling and performance by the turnkey contractor(s).

The Exit Strategy

is aimed at repayment of capital to FairFund in full in local currency, so there are many options at closing from trade sale to 3rd investors..

West Africa Head Office:

2, Cowrie Close
Cable Point Estate, Lekki Phase 1
Lagos State – Nigeria
Office Tel + 234 (0) 14 546 655